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951399 - Ako Nishino is being blackmailed. After a school class reunion some former classmates and her old teacher were at her home a little drunk. One of her classmates found her bag of sex toys. Ako was very embarrassed and begged the group of friends not to tell the other classmates. Ako is quite shy and didn’t want all her old friends to know that she loves to use sex toys on her pussy and masturbate when she is home alone. The group of friends decide that they will keep her secret. But they also decide that she must compensate them for this. They want her to show them how she uses her sex toys on herself. She agrees and while she has a muscle massager working on her pussy one of her friends starts to pull down her kimono so he can massage her tits. Another friend decides he wants a closer look at her pussy and spreads her legs wide. This emboldens all the other friends and they start to pull out their cocks and jerk off as they watch their old classmate masturbate for them. They decide since their cocks are out and hard that it would be nice if Ako gave them all hand jobs and suck on their cocks as well. This has turned into a real orgy as Ako tries to take care of all the cocks she has thrust in front of her face. Ako really seems to be enjoying this as well as she slides one cock after the other down her throat. Of course now even the teacher is in on the action and he wants to slide his own cock into her pretty pink pussy. What a delight for her to get so much attention from her old classmates. She handles all of their cocks like a pro as they take turns getting sucked and then fucking Ako.

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